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220V Fuel Dispensing Pump

  Only suitable with diesel or biodiesel, kerosene. Pumping flowrate 60LPM, Choice of 110V or 220V, 1″BSPF Direct drive vane pumping unit with bypass valve Switch& 2m long main cable Weather-proof to IP55 for outdoor use Continuously rated motor


Technical Specification

Model DYB-60B
Type Self Priming Diesel Oil Transfer Pump
Fluid Viscosity 2-20cst(Diesel,Kerosene&light oils)
Diameter 1″BSPF
Max Flow 60L/min
Head 7-10m
Suction Capacity 3-5m
Power 550W
Working Speed 2800rpm
Voltage Supply 220V/50Hz,220V/60Hz,110V/60Hz
Self Priming Yes

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